Quality Policy

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Strictly complies with the legislations in environment, occupational health and safety,

Offers the most appropriate and accurate solution to customers by identifying requirements, expectations and demands, and without compromising quality,

Takes necessary measures to diminish adverse situations that may arise out with respect to the products and services, carries out continuous improvement and development, trains and raises personnel in the best manner,

We are based on that not applying any excessive impact on third party test laboratories or certification bodies that will approve the quality, legality and safety of our products, and planning necessary educations to inform all employees.

Cares about environment-protection, and identifies environmental effects and minimizes the same in order to avoid pollution, and uses every means available in order to realize the same,

Performs risk analysis at production facilities in terms of occupational health and safety, and takes preventive measures against accidents and occupational diseases,

Continuously trains personnel and enhances knowledge, experience and skills thereof to meet up-to-date improvements,

Integrates and improves quality, environment, occupational health and safety management systems.

In consideration of above, we are performing necessary risk analysis to put into effect our quality, environment, occupational health and safety goals, are implementing investments accordingly, monitoring processes which embrace manufacture and service, and meeting legal conditions.